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Emergency Peace Support Project (EPSP) | शान्ति प्रक्रिया सहयोग आयोजना


"Welcome to the Emergency Peace Support Project (EPSP) implemented by the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MOPR) with the International Development Association (IDA) grant for supporting Nepal’s peace processes. Our website is a communication tool for all EPSP partners and the public. Here you will find different information of the project including its programs, organogram, relevant documents, publications, and reports. Through this website you can access information about the list of different categories of Conflict Affected Persons (CAPs) and their families prepared by the Task Force and endorsed by the MOPR. We appreciate your comments, feedback and input to make this website more informative.”                                

- Deependra Nath Sharma, Project Coordinator

The EPSP is a US$ 50 million equivalent project being implemented by the MOPR under IDA grant with an objective of contributing to the peace process of Nepal by providing interim cash transfers and services to eligible conflict-affected groups and by increasing transparency and accountability in the delivery of these benefits. The EPSP supports Nepal’s post-conflict transition by funding in three core areas: i) rehabilitation support to the conflict-affected families and individuals; ii) cash benefits to the families and widows of those killed as a result of conflict; and iii) capacity building of key institutional structures in support of peace process and project management support.

Under rehabilitation support program the project provides Employment/Self-Employment Services (ESES) services and psychosocial counseling services to conflict-affected persons and their families. Under the cash benefits program the EPSP provides cash support to the widows and the families of those killed during the conflict. The capacity development component includes support to the MOPR, PMT, Local Peace Committees and other institutions and groups associated with the peace process.

The EPSP came into effect on September 19, 2008 and is scheduled to close by June 30, 2014.